About Us


Accemy is IT services and technology solutions provider company that has a deep focus in helping global organizations- Startup, SMB and Enterprises to do better business, increase efficiency, increase revenue and capture new opportunities and achieve new thresholds of business performance. Leveraging our Subject Matter Expertise on next generation technology trends and solutions, innovative ideas, technical delivery expertise, excellence in service quality and focus on client satisfaction, we are positioned to deliver unmatched and unparalleled advantages and benefits to clients for their growth and expansion.

See how DeepMind saved 40% on data center cooling costs with machine learning.

Accemy takes an innovation-led approach to help clients “think and invent” their future. Accemy is headquartered in India along with state of the art delivery center. We have started our functions in 2017 itself and employ a skilled team of experienced professionals who are totally focused on delivering high-quality software solutions. We are a bunch of passionate geeks trying to combine our capabilities to excogitate, evolve, and deliver disruptive instauration for clients, and to scale them faster. Accemy enables global enterprises to address a dual mandate: to invest in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations and to make their current operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We help clients to meet both these challenges efficaciously. We are uniquely positioned to provide what our customers need –

  • Enhanced productivity
  • New and expanded capabilities to help take their businesses to next level
  • Complex software solutions to answer their requirements
  • Excellent value for money, and
  • Reliable and timely delivery

Protect your data and your business.

Overall Approach and Focus

  • Business benefits
  • Cost Reduction
  • Time to Market
  • Implementation ease
  • De risked approach

6P’s of our Innovative Cycle

  • Pipeline- Maximize your innovative ideas
  • Process- Evaluate ideas and execute
  • People- Leverage SMEs
  • Platform- Leverage Technology accelerators
  • Performance- Measure, Manage and Improve