About Us

Digital Transformation and technology services company that provides high-value IT consulting services and solutions with strong experience in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT/Embedded Programming.

Accemy is leading IT service company providing business and technology services and transform organizations through cloud-based solutions. Accemy team has a deep focus in helping global organizations as offshore partner- Leveraging our experience on cloud solutions, innovative ideas, technical delivery expertise, excellence in service quality and focus on client satisfaction, we are positioned to deliver unmatched and unparalleled advantages and benefits to clients for their growth and expansion. We've been providing assistance to customers globally and have developed particular expertise in following areas: mobility, cloud, Artificial intelligence/machine learning, business process automation, IoT, Google sheets, Google forms automation, migration and technical deployment.

Value Propositions
  • Develop technology solutions to build a growing and profitable business
  • Track the satisfaction level of customer experience
  • Implement agility in execution
  • Flexible to ramp up/down
  • Focus on client business outcomes and relationships
  • Onboard high performing and experienced teams
  • Execution excellence by strong delivery capabilities
  • Industry standard processes
Digital Transformation
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