The road ahead to redefine business process

In today’s world, business are grappling with challenges like high cost of business operations, multiple disparate and non-integrated applications, and limited automations. RPA, AI/ ML technologies are playing a key role in solving this challenges. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides the technology platform to automate any repetitive and rule based human process. The technology automates “high touch” processes by modelling rules into software robots that run non-intrusively on existing heterogeneous IT environment. RPA helps automation of industrial and clerical processes within the enterprise. These processes range from highly complex and evolved processes to medium and mundane processes. Software robots automate these processes which are otherwise done manually by a person. RPA uses the existing validation, security and data to ensure that ‘change management’ within the organization is minimal. RPA has potential to reduce the cost of operations by over 50%, amplifies business value through cost savings multi-fold increase in productivity, 20-70% reduction in turn-around times, improved quality and increased predictability.

Robotic Process Automation


Our solution provides comprehensive automation capabilities covering Deterministic and Cognitive automation techniques.

  • Deterministic capabilities are handled by component and it includes business rule based and UI/ front-end based automation and is capable of handling structured data
  • Cognitive Automation capabilities are addressed by other components and it includes ML/AI and NLP based techniques, data mining and pattern recognition. It derives the intelligence for effective decisions and help in building and maturing self-learning systems.