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Cloud migration is no doubt important for the efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability of businesses. Earlier what happened was individual users and companies used to carry their own computers and after running short of spaces, would buy hard disks and stuff. Well, this is a lot more like farming your own food when all you need to do is buy. The industries today are taking advantage of cloud services and its growth to mark a real difference in efficiency and innovation. Cloud computing doesn't let you manage the software and hardware because that the providers do. Instead, this technology lets you pay for what you use, simplifies scaling up and down and automatically upgrades. Cloud-based apps are cheaper compared to traditional apps, and they just need you to login to your browser, customize the app and use it thus eliminating any hassle.

Our Expertise

Deploying your cloud infrastructure with Accemy is the quickest way to the cloud gross. Here you can easily apply technology and data to solve complex issues and seize opportunities. Our innovative and modern solutions enable direct, on-demand connectivity to several cloud providers. Our complete portfolio of leading-edge services and a powerful platform help position you to build agile, data-driven solutions that can make you stand out of the crowd.

Modern and progressive enterprises in today’s competitive and dynamic market landscape are going to the cloud. Cloud services help businesses increase customer centric experience, enhance business outcomes and build future ready capabilities. Our cloud expertise has made us a reliable and strong player within Cloud solution providers. Enterprises are always looking to optimize, scale, manage IT resources. We enable enterprises, SMB’s and startups to adopt Cloud-based solutions that help them optimize costs, reduce time-to-market, and become agile businesses.


We offer cutting edge services to enable clients to get the most from cloud computing, including consulting and planning, design, implementation, integration and management. Accemy has partnered with leading Cloud vendors around the world to help customers innovate rapidly and deploy new services and solutions . Our partnership provides business easy transition of in-premise IT resources to cloud environment or cloud adoption and leverage cloud systems with greater agility and innovation that stand to transform and modernize their enterprise.

  • High-performance computing- with the power of the cloud, solve complex problems faster.
  • Developer solutions- Innovate quickly to solve real business problems using DevOps.
  • Connect to cloud- Capitalize on your existing data and apps by quickly connecting them to cloud.
  • Cloud Integration- Build, host, manage, secure and integrate your cloud services.
  • Cloud security- Extend the value of cloud security and risk intelligence to bring up new opportunities.
  • Cloud management- improve decision-making by driving management efficiency.


Experience Cloud solutions of your choice

  • Technology neutral architecture for the ability to extend existing system management software
  • Configuration based customization and extension of new or enhanced meta services
  • Ready-to-use adapters for leading vendors in the cloud industry
  • A toolbox of utilities, guidelines, cookbooks for migration to the new platform
  • Strong cloud computing technology architect pool for delivering solutions specific to each client’s needs

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