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The World is speeding up and is in acceleration mode. There are enormous amounts of data types and volumes which are also increasing and hence for more data there is a demand for more insight, at a reasonable cost. As of 2012, there were 2.8 Zettabytes of data created and by 2020 the volumes of data would grow to 40 ZB, which is huge. Data is the new coal. Data sets are so complex and large that it becomes elusive or impossible to handle them with your usual database management. We at Accemy analyze these data and help you handle it with Data Analytics. We also help enterprises observe “unstructured” data like voice recordings, emails, tweets, photos and emails to find patterns. With data analytics, you can get precise answers for hard-to-solve problems, get timely insights to make decisions about fleeting opportunities and uncover new growth opportunities – all with Accemy. Data Analytics has endless applications linked to it and if utilized properly, it can lead to bigger and better opportunities. Accemy uses data analytics to target and better analyze our users by linking together data from their social media accounts and help industries track and analyze their supply chain delivery routes to optimize their processes, and combine this data with live traffic updates. In the healthcare sector too, data analytics can help find new cures for deadly diseases, predict diseases before the emergence of symptoms and optimize treatment. We use Data Analytics for: Cost reduction Faster, better decision making New products and services

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