G - Suite

Employees should be able to work together in an efficient manner. G Suite enables a simplified and friendly approach to achieve this. Our G Suite solution can also be customized per our client’s requirements using scripting language . Our team has in-house Google certified G Suite Deployment specialists, Google apps Script top contributors and sales specialist that work closely with clients for addressing their problems and providing world class guite enabled solutions.

  • Top contributor Google Apps Script Community Forum- Google Apps Script, Drive, and Docs.
  • Google Apps script tutorial/examples www.googleappsscript.org
  • Hosting webinars for Totally Unscripted which is Google Apps Script show organized by the community for the community.
  • Year of Experience: Consulting since 2012.
G Suite


  • Domain account setup
    • DNS records management
    • Control panel settings
    • User & groups management
    • G Suite directory sync
  • Data migration
    • Mail: IMAP (server-pull) & user-based tools
    • Contacts & Calendar: admin & user-based tools, including 3rd party
    • Docs: user-based docs import, 3rd party tools
  • G Suite domain creation
  • MX record configuration
  • User provisioning & setup
  • Initial administrative setup
  • Mobile & desktop client access and synchronization
    • Various options for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile, Android
  • G Suite Customization
  • Dual-delivery & split-delivery mail routing
  • Calendar coexistence with MS Exchange
  • Advanced System Integration and Deployment Services
  • Change Management