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Employees should be able to work together in an efficient manner. G Suite enables a simplified and friendly approach to achieve this. Our G Suite solution can also be customized per our client’s requirements using scripting language . Our team has in-house Google certified Gsuite Deployment specialists, google apps Script top contributors and sales specialist that work closely with clients for addressing their problems and providing world class guite enabled solutions.

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Our Expertise

We are one stop shop for startup, new business, small business, enterprises and team to provide G Suite solution that brings your team closer together from anywhere. They can create, edit, store and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in browser and across devices with highest security standards and easy IT administration management across your organization, data, and devices. Our team has helped business transform how they work by adopting G Suite solutions such as:

  • Improving the productivity and collaboration with coworkers, partners and customers
  • Improving internal operations by increasing productivity and efficiency of employees
  • Optimizing the external customer experience
  • Protect your data and your business.
    Our services include:

    • Deployment & Migration
    • Training & Change Management
    • G Suite Support
    • Development
    • Identity management
    • Security

    Some of our Projects

    • Self User Registration system for G Suite for a university(more than 50,000 users).
    • Single Sign-on with ADFS and OpenAM
    • Business Process Management App Integrated with G Suite and hosted on GCE
    • Enterprise Case/Ticket Management App with Google App Maker
    • Utility to Invalidate G Suite User password based on a set frequency (e.g every 30 days or 3 months)
    • Spreadsheet to Google Sites Publishing Automation
    • Spreadsheet based Google Group Management tool
    • Domain Shared Contact Management App
    • Dynamic Document Generation
    • Form to Document, Mail Merge and Document Merge
    • Bulk user provisioning Tool built on Apps Script